Getting to a New Grin: What to Expect at a Dental Implant Consultation

February 22, 2024

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A woman talking to her dentist at a dental implant consultation

While you may really want them, you can’t just get dental implants at once. You’ll need to consult your dentist first to learn if the treatment suits you. Still, do you know what to expect at a dental implant consultation? Things go more smoothly if you attend this visit with a sense of how it works. Luckily, your local Normal dentist can help you prep for it. Here are four big things that will happen at your future consultation visit.

A Brief Talk

For starters, know that the consultation should begin with a brief talk. This exchange ensures you learn about implant work and share what you want from it.

Most of the talk will involve questions from the implant dentist. For instance, they may ask you about dental records, oral health history, past X-rays, etc. They could also have you answer questions via paperwork. Either way, your feedback will help them see if dental implants suit you.

An Oral Exam

You should expect an oral exam after the talk is over. That way, the dentist can check your oral health and know if your mouth can handle dental implants.

This oral exam will cover most of your mouth – the teeth, gums, soft tissues, etc. It may even rely on dental X-rays and 3D imaging as it progresses. Once it’s over, they’ll confirm whether your mouth is ready for implants. They may suggest preliminary procedures (gum disease treatment, bone grafts, etc.) if it isn’t.

Discussion of Treatment Options

The dentist will outline your treatment options following the exam. If you’re a good candidate for them, dental implants will be among the choices.

When you’ve made a selection, our team will draft a custom treatment plan. This plan details what will happen at your upcoming procedure. In other words, it’ll lay out the treatment’s steps, timeframe, recovery, and other similar facts.

Some Questions & Answers

You’ll likely have a chance to ask relevant questions near the consultation’s end. Dentists often leave this ending time free for just such concerns. That way, they can help your treatment go smoothly.

You see, implant dentists want your smile to do well. They’ll gladly address your questions to make sure that happens. So, feel free to bring up any uncertainties you have. You could learn something crucial to your upcoming surgery.

By noting the items above, you’ll broadly know what to expect at a dental implant consultation. Keep them in mind as your appointment gets closer!

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Dr. Bobby J. Carmen is a dentist based in Norman, OK. Since earning his DDS at the University of Oklahoma’s College of Dentistry, he’s served in the dental field for over twenty years. This time has made him an expert in preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. So, you can trust him to restore your smile with quality dental implants. Dr. Carmen now practices at his self-titled clinic and is reachable on his website and by phone at (405)-364-2200.

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