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Teeth Whitening in Norman

Research shows that having an attractive smile is a valuable commodity. When shown photographs of men and women with white and bright smiles, research subjects thought these people were not only happier, but smarter, friendlier and even more successful. So if that’s what a white smile in a photograph can do, imagine what it can do for you in real life!

Despite the fact that you brush and floss your teeth everyday, stains and discoloration are likely to accumulate over the course of years. Between foods and beverages that deposit stain-causing particles in micro-cracks of tooth enamel and other contributing factors such as smoking, teeth grinding and even genetics, you’re bound to see a change in the color of your smile as you age. However, the color you see now can be brightened with teeth whitening.

Dr. Carmen offers two types of teeth whitening systems. The first is an in-office system that works in about one hour. For patients who need the most dramatic results quickly, we recommend this safe and effective treatment.

The other system is a convenient take-home kit that allows you to whiten your teeth gradually over a couple of weeks. Both systems result in a smile that is significantly whiter.

KOR Whitening

Over time, red wine, coffee, tobacco, and medications will alter the color of your teeth. Periodic teeth whitening has been proven safe and effective in removing surface stains to reveal a dazzling, white smile. We offer take-home teeth whitening with by KOR.

KOR™ Whitening contains a high percentage of hydrogen peroxide to remove stains as well as fluoride to protect tooth enamel. Compared to over-the-counter teeth whitening systems, KOR™ works faster and produces more drastic results. On average, KOR™ lightens teeth 6 to 8 shades, whereas over-the-counter systems only lighten 2 to 3 shades.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

With our take-home teeth whitening system, we will take impressions of your teeth and create custom mouth trays for you to use at home. Fill the trays with the professional-strength, take-home solution we provide and wear them as directed until your teeth reach the desired shade. You'll notice results within a few days, but for maximum whiteness, you should continue treatment for about two weeks. For long-lasting brilliance, Dr. Carmen may recommend combining in-office teeth whitening with periodic take-home touch-ups.

You can trust us with your smile. Call today to reserve your teeth whitening appointment with Norman dentist Dr. Bobby Carmen. Patients from Norman, Moore, the University of Oklahoma, Central Oklahoma, and beyond visit us for quality dental care.